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What did is take to become a registered nurse (RN)?

I am planning on attending college for Nursing and I would like to know what that encompasses. #nursing #nurse #registered-nurses #nurse-practitioner #registered-nurses

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Hi Shailey,

Well alot of ppl think they are cut out to be a nurse, but once they get into it they realize it isn't for them and that's totally ok. You definitely have to have a kind compassionate heart and enjoy helping others without ever needing someone saying "good job". it's not about how many good jobs you get, but how impactful you were to that fmly, your coworker, or patient. You know you did something great when they can remember what you taught them or they come to you 6 mos later and say "remember me? Remember I couldn't walk but now I can bc of the endless treatments and hours you spent giving me the therapy and never giving up on me?" This is what nsg is about.

But you must attend either a 2 or 4yr program, get good grades, graduate, but most importantly pass the boards.

Hope this helps.

Rosie, RN

Clinical Manager Infusion Divison

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In a specific sense, you will have to complete prerequisites that include the need to memorize loads of facts, such as in anatomy; understand "big picture" concepts such as in physiology; and the logic required for the mathematics of chemistry. In a general sense, you will need quite a bit of stubbornness to stick to a program which will occasionally make you cry. Becoming a nurse is a lot like becoming a soldier, in the sense that you are resocialized to a completely different culture than the one you knew previously (unless you are lucky enough to already be a nurse assistant or other health care professional).
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I think that one of the best ways to prepare yourself to be a nurse is to develop a compassionate heart. Think about how you want to be treated and bring that to your practice of caring for someone else.
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