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Is there anywhere i can work?

I am a 15 year old looking for a job.
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11 answers

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Lauren’s Answer

Hi Ariana!

Depending on the city/state you should be able to get a work permit to work when you are 15. I myself worked at a pool as a deck attendant starting at 15, and it continued to be my summer job throughout high school and college. Look for local opportunities at your town's community center and don't be afraid to start small and grow your experience from there!

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John’s Answer

You’ll need your social security card (not just your number) and a driver’s license passport or photo identification. Depending on your age, there may be requirements about what jobs you can, and cannot do. For example, if you're 15 you can only work 3 hours per day and a maximum of 18 hours per week. Depending on your state laws, you may need Working Papers (Employment/Age Certificate) before you can start a job. Check with your school’s guidance counselor about the information you’ll need.

Is a resume necessary for a first job? The short answer is yes. Put the “Education” section of your resume towards the top of the page. Include not only the school you went to and the degree you received but also any other achievements. Mention the skills you have that are most closely related to those listed in the job description. You can feature your relevant skills in a resume skills section and include them in the descriptions of your experience.

One of the keys to success for any job-seeker is being able to clearly articulate why you are the best candidate for a job. And for teens you need to be able to say why you are not only the best teen for the job but also why you are better than others who may be applying for the position (such as college students and retirees). You may also want to practice completing a sample job application so that you know exactly what to expect.

Now that you have your resume pitch and job-search plan it’s time to hit all the places where you would like to work. Start early each day bringing along all your materials and apply to as many places as you like. Always wear appropriate (meaning conservative) clothing when applying for jobs because you never know when the manager might be there and want to interview you on the spot — and always be polite (including using “please” and “thank you.” You may also want to consider removing excess piercings and jewelry as well as focus on good grooming and hygiene. During your interview remember to smile, maintain good eye contact, be confident and tell how you will be a good employee. Once you’ve applied for a job keep following up on the status of your application. Be professional and ask each employer if they have all the information they need to make a decision about your application. Always send a thank-you note after each job interview; the thank-you itself won’t get you the job but it may be just enough to push your application to the top of the pile.

After the applications and the interviews ideally you’ll be offered at least one job. Assuming the job is something you want to do — and can do — then accept the offer. Starting with your first day on the job be committed to being one of the best employees at work — striving to always do your best including showing up on time and leaving only when your shift is over.

Don’t Give Up Ariana: Job searching isn't easy, especially when you don't have much experience or many skills. Keep trying and keep applying and you will find a job. Don’t apply at one place and wait for the phone to ring. Complete as many job applications as you can, and consider a variety of positions. The more you apply, the better chance you have of finding a job. Your first job will be a stepping stone to your next job - and to your future career.

Hope this was Helpful Ariana

Thank You Dexter for your continued support. Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. John Frick

Thank You Paula. “Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another.” – Erma Bombeck John Frick

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Mike’s Answer

As you start your search it is important to recognize that any job will help you develop skills that will serve you will in the future. If you work at McDonalds you will learn customer service. Just showing up on time and working with others will pay dividends throughout your career.

While traditional jobs do require a work permit, now is a great time to cast a broad net. Like many, my first job was "under the table" working for my parent's friend. It was just a couple weekends work, but it got me acclimated to hard work.

The most important thing at this point (and really at any point) is to build your network. My first job in high school was with another friend of my parents. My first job in college was with a friend of a friend. My first job out of grad school was with a friend of a friend. You get the idea.

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Lori’s Answer

Any job is great experience. Working in a grocery store, restaurant, retail are all good options. You will learn customer service skills that will help you far into life.

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Gina’s Answer

Hello--you should be able to apply for a work permit in most states at 15. But also there are other side jobs I'm sure you could find. Child care, lawn mowing/house maintenance...

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Jessica’s Answer

Hi Ariana,
The first step is to follow the steps for a workers permit. Some states vary in how many hours you can work based on age. You can check on this site the details for the atate you reside in
Once you receive the certificate if required, you can start applying. One piece of advice on the interview part, pull from experiences of volunteering you've participated and school activities. Employers are interested in knowing if your a team player and how you handle certain situations. Since you have no prior work experience, using the volunteering and/or school experience is ideal.
Wishing you the best!

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Skip’s Answer

@15 years old, I assume you are not looking for a career... just a job to learn or get $.
Simply look around at your friends that may be currently working and the fields they are in, who hire. Typical jobs that do not require you to setup the items for future careers, could be baby sitting, mowing a lawn, helping an elder person around the house, … reach out to your parents and they may have friends who have a business or know someone that you maybe could be employed, as needed or part-time.
Good luck!

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Edgar’s Answer

I think that during these times, working virtually is a good way for a teenager to gain some work experience and develop their skills. If you're okay with volunteering, organizations and businesses are always in need of volunteers who can devote some time to work for nonprofits or other organizations. There are many volunteer job listings online that you can look at, and these volunteer opportunities will definitely train you to perform specific tasks if needed. These volunteer listings are usually casual, no-pressure opportunities to learn and apply your skills to different opportunities or situations, so volunteering is definitely one avenue for a teenager to start getting some work experience.

If you're leaning towards for working for money, doing gigs / freelance is a good way to do so. I don't mean driving for Uber- I mean performing tasks like designing logos, creating art, performing business tasks, etc for people that you know for a little bit of money. These are very flexible because you decide what to do on your time, and you basically decide what you are and are not comfortable doing.

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Amy’s Answer

Hi there Ariana!
It's great to see you are interested in finding a job. I recommend you first think of what you like to do before you start applying for positions. No matter what your work is, you will be spending a significant amount of time working, so you want to make sure you will enjoy it.

Somethings you might want to consider,is what type of work do you want to do and what type of work environment do you want to work in. Do you want to talk to people throughout your work time? Do you want to be at a casual place or more formal (like an office)? Do you like detailed tasks? Is there a place where you can work and get a discount on purchasing items there?

When I was applying for my first job at 15, I saw that a store I went to often for my dance supplies, was hiring. I was interested in helping people and loved dance so this seemed like a good fit, plus I was able to get an employee discount on anything I wanted to purchase for myself. I filled out an application for the job and once they agreed to hire me, I had to get a worker's permit. My parents and the employer both had to sign the permit so I was allowed to work. I did this job full-time in the summer and since they liked me and I did a good job, then wanted me to work on the weekends once school started back up! Later, I applied for other jobs at the Gap and then Nordstrom and I would work in the summer, and they would let me work on breaks and sometimes in the evenings, when my school schedule was lighter. These jobs paid minimum wage but I was able to save up enough money from all of my jobs to buy a new car once I graduated college!

Amy recommends the following next steps:

Figure out what type of workplace you are looking for?
Approach hiring manager about what they are looking for in an employee?
Get a worker's permit so you are legally able to work!

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Amber’s Answer

Hi Ariana,

First off I love your initiative! I also started working as soon as the law allowed in my state (California). I got my first job by applying in person and online. I was rejected many times but the important thing is to keep checking for flyers or online posts for job openings. I finally got hired at bath and bodyworks and learned how to keep track of money coming into store, inventory, point of sale computer systems and also of course, working with all types of people (customers and coworkers). From there I was able to get jobs at Nordstrom, and even the Apple Store.

Every interview that I had along the way the thing that I always got the best, consistent feedback on and which landed me all my jobs, was funny enough, a hand written thank you card dropped off the same day to the person who interviewed me through the front desk or mail.

Amber recommends the following next steps:


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Dada’s Answer

Hi Ariana ,

I like the fact that you want to start a career and rightly so many teenagers are striving to do it the right way.

You have to make thorough research the laws in your state and obtain a work permit if its necessary in your state to do so (for information on work permits in your state) , as rightly mentioned by Lauren Jozefat above answer 'post' - it begins depending on the state for you to get a work permit to work when you are 15 ...

PS : I recommend that you keep your immediate 'family members / local gaurdian' about the work application that you file.

Meanwhile know what your passion is which only can make you a happy being when you find yourself in the kind of job you love :) for example it could be in "clothing line" , "Task Runner - Short deliveries task , Library Trips" , "Electronic Store" or "Bakery" e.t.c.,

Have a Professional Resume , Which iam sure a bit of surf on the internet will give you idea & importance of Resume .

All the best for your future ventures , Give your best .