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JAMES Jan 31 250 views

What are the values automotive and body repairs upholds that make employers you would want to work for??

is it professional? are you guys fair with price? are you guys honest and have a good name? do you guys have any bad reports? are you guys a well known company? do you guys know what you are doing? what's the education level of the employees that are working for this company?

Zach’s Avatar
Zach Sep 27, 2017 751 views

How do I start my own company with out going into debt and struggling financially?

I want to run my own coding/ movie company. I want to write, direct, and code for the rest of my life. Starting a company is scary considering all the competition and fear of banckrupcy. #technology #computer #movies

Harmony’s Avatar
Harmony Aug 27, 2021 524 views

What companies will you recommend to me, if I want to work in the Human Resources field right after graduation?

#human-resources #business #business-management

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Andrea Jul 28, 2021 863 views

Is teaching a tiring job

When I was in highschool and middle school, most of my teachers really seemed like they didn't want to be there. That gave me motivation to be better if I became a teacher but I don't know if I'll be up to it if it'll end up the same way as them. #teaching #teacher #college #teacher #teaching

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Sienna Dec 21, 2020 569 views

What is a good school to go to for veterinary classes?

I am am a sophomore at box elder high school. I have always loved working with animals and i want to continue working with them. I want to know what is a good collage to go to. #veterinary #vet #collage #schools

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Samira Jun 19, 2021 687 views

Jobs that deal with helping Animals

So I just finished my sophmore year of Highschool and I'm trying to figure out what I'm passionate about. Something that I've thought about is rescuing/healing animals. I don't know many jobs that's deal with that cause I'm pretty clueless when it comes to all that right now but I wanted to ask...

Harmony’s Avatar
Harmony Jun 01, 2021 458 views

What other options for jobs opportunities, will be available to me, in Human Resources, when robots start taking over the working industry? As this is fast approaching.

Hello, I am college sophmore hoping to graduate college with a degree in Human Resource Management. #human-resources #management #leadership

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Nate Mar 18, 2021 426 views

What classes should I take in college to be a manufacturer?

I am a middle school student. I am taking a Career and Tech class to help me prepare for my future. #student #career #tech #manufacuturing

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Atheena Mar 02, 2016 658 views

What results are better for a teacher, a charter school or public school ?

I would like to work with a group of kids who I can actually impact. I want to know that my work is helping kids be pushed to their full potential in math and that their actually understanding. Im interested in teaching AP Statistics so hopefully at least 90% of my students pass their AP Exam....

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Nayeli Feb 04, 2021 346 views

whats a good college to go to to become a lawyer

#lawyer my name is nayeli i go to Washington union I want to know what a good college to go to become a lawyer

Ariana’s Avatar
Ariana Oct 12, 2020 575 views

Is there anywhere i can work?

I am a 15 year old looking for a job.
#work #job

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Sep 07, 2018 565 views

Will being a game warden pay enough to support my fmaily.

I want to be a park ranger and I also want a family. Im not sure if it will provide the support needed.