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What kind of risks are there when performing surgery?

I want to become a doctor and more specifically a surgeon. So I want to learn more about surgeons and the difficulties they face.


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2 answers

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Valerie’s Answer

Hi Rigoberto,
That is great you want to become a surgeon. There are risks for patients and the surgeon during each procedure.
For the patient: each procedure holds a different risk depending on the condition and age of the patient and the procedure being done. The risks can be anywhere from constipation and dizziness to death. Again, there are a ton of factors to determine patient risk.

Risks for physicians: needle sticks are a huge risk each time. You want to make sure you know where sharps are at all times during surgeries to make sure you limit your potential risks. Otherwise surgeons are at risk of fatigue during long surgeries. There are others, but generally surgeons are protected with the amount of gear they are wearing (gloves, mask, gown, etc.)

Best of luck

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Anna’s Answer

Hi Rigoberto, this is a great question if you're considering becoming a surgeon. I am not a surgeon myself, so I did a bit of research for you.

This is a very short article that gives a brief introduction to some of the risks of being a surgeon in general: https://work.chron.com/problems-being-pediatrician-1530.html

This study is a bit confusing, but it may be well worth reading for a detailed description of some of the risks in performing surgery: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4825900/

Here is an extra article that discusses some of the more dangerous surgical specializations for you to consider: https://www.shiksha.com/medicine-health-sciences/articles/these-medical-specialties-are-among-the-most-toughest-blogId-23019

Hope this helps!