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Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
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Rigoberto Oct 15, 2020 472 views

What kind of risks are there when performing surgery?

I want to become a doctor and more specifically a surgeon. So I want to learn more about surgeons and the difficulties they face.


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Sue Feb 07, 2021 1254 views

How to choose which college to attend?

#college #highschoolstudent

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Hannah Aug 12, 2018 544 views

Where do you get internships as a creative writing major?

#majors #major

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Anonymous Oct 05, 2019 918 views

I want to switch majors

I want to learn about media production and use the classes I am taking for something NOW, like youtube. I don't want a major that is not useful to me until I get the degree. #college-major #major #college-major #double-major

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Ian Apr 23, 2020 747 views

What are some tips on finding internships during this time?

I am interested in #human-resources

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Swole Nov 20, 2019 550 views

Whats the best state to be a pastor?

I am a junior in high school #college #college-admissions #high-school #college-selection

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Roger Apr 13, 2020 634 views

What classes would you take in high school to prepare for collage.

As I said in my last question, I want to do something with computers, PowerPoint or video editing maybe. Those could still change, but for you personally which classes did you take, if you can remember, when you were in high school before you became a video editor or a person that helps with...

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Khloe Jan 30, 2018 603 views

How many general education hours are required?

How many hours do you have to take before declaring a major?