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In dermatology there are surgery do all dermatologist have to do the surgeries?

I want to be a dermatologist but I want to deal with more of the acne skin type side. Is that still in the dermatology field? I would just rather deal with that then surgeries! #skin #medicine

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Brooke’s Answer

Hi Cameron! One of the great things about becoming a physician, including a dermatologist, is that you have the ability to customize your practice to be exactly like you want. As you mentioned, dermatology can include surgical procedures, but it certainly does not have to. I would say the average office does do minor biopsies and such. In order to pursue mohs surgery, you must complete a fellowship after a derm residency. That being said, I am sure you could choose to be a acne specialist in your area, although this is not an extremely common way to practice dermatology.

Another consideration is that a specialty like family medicine will also allow you to see non-surgical dermatologic conditions!