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What is it like in the field?

I want to major in psychology and eventually work in a psych wing in the hospital but what are some everyday experiences, what are some things I should expect. #psychology #hospital

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Ann’s Answer

Hi honey, when it came to psychology, I first thought that it would be very deeply involved in personal lives since every case in psychology varied a lot and each individual had their own underlying causes of their problems. However, the scope of psychology is much bigger than that. I was shocked when I started work in the field since I had to deal with things I found helping no one. But in fact, it was a small part of the whole process. I don't know what job you want to take in the field but you won't have the same problem as I did if you choose the field that involves personal intervention like counseling, coaching.... However, when working on social work, you have to face the truth that you won't see the results right away. That's the only problem I have encountered in psychology field of study.