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is it easy being a dentist

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2 answers

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Madiha’s Answer

If its your passion than yes its easy. I am an internationally trained dentist. Marriage brought me in US and now I am trying to get into a dental school here in US.
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Sajan’s Answer

Mason, dentistry is a challenge and engaging field. I certainly would not say it is easy. Unfortunately, a lot of TVs shows, movies, etc. make it sound like dentistry is easy. You have to go through many years of schooling to become a dentist and it is competitive to get into dental schools.

As per the day to day life a dentist: it depends on the day and what kind of procedure the dentist is doing. For example, if you are simple filling, it’s not stressful but if you are doing a more complex work, then it is more stressful.

I hope I understood your question and answered it appropriately. Good luck.