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What are some of the difficulties that are common with college campus life?

Asked Ellenwood, Georgia

I'm about to graduate high school. #college #business #mathematics

2 answers

Erik’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

As a young man away from home for the first time, I experienced these difficulties:

  • Communication

Whether it's roommates, classmates, advisors, professors or teaching assistants it was necessary to communicate well. Avoid making assumptions and instead communicate directly and honestly.

  • Time Management

For the first time in my life, I was free to set whatever schedule I wanted. I often greatly underestimated how much time I would need to complete class assignments. I procrastinated, putting off working on assignments whose due date was "far" in the future. The best advice I can give you is keep a calendar of all your assignments and make daily incremental progress on long term projects and complete short term assignments as quickly and as well as you can.

  • Health

You can't do your best work if you are sick or just feel bad. Wash your hands, exercise as often as you can, eat well and give yourself time to sleep. Sleep is often difficult with roommates, respect their sleep time and ask them to respect yours.

Enjoy yourself, the college experience is whatever you make of it. Meet different people, learn what things excite you, do them now instead of waiting for your "professional" life. Ask questions and seek help whenever you feel stuck.

Hannah’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

Time management will likely be the most important skill to be aware of and develop. You will be on your own and there will be a lot of excitements every day when starting out college. You certainly can graduate college with a very colorful college experience but the most important reason for attending college - to learn, need to be the priority and time need to be carved out to make sure that this is done so that you have something to show for when you graduate.

Hannah recommends the following next steps:

  • Develop good time management skills or read up on how to do so. Start putting it into practice.
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