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When does lack of work experience become detrimental to one's chances of getting a job?

I am struggling to find a job this summer, and wherever I look, the employer requires me to have at least a year of prior experience. Should I still apply to those jobs with hope that they'll hire me? #jobs #job #experience #work #hiring

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2 answers

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Michael’s Answer

Sometimes finding a job is a numbers game. Don't get discouraged. Keep applying even if the requirements are 1 year. Try to include an extra curricular activities or classes that match the role. Even if you apply on-line, I would still make an in-person visit if local.

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Steve’s Answer

Yes, still apply to all the jobs you want. If you need experience, then see if you can volunteer to gain that experience. Put that on your resume. Explain to the employer how your volunteer work has prepared you to be successful. Another option is to start a small business and use that to gain the experience you need as well.

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