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What are the requirements to be a drug abuse counselor?

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3 answers

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Alexis’s Answer

The U. S. Department of Labor Bureau Statistics reports that substance abuse counselors are among the fastest growing positions in the country; through 2026.
I. Bachelor's degree and Master's degree
II. Addiction competencies to include: knowledge, skills, and attitudes of professional practice
III. Educational requirements for a drug counseling certificate (CCAPP): physiology and pharmacology of alcohol and other drugs, law and ethics, case management, counseling, personal and professional growth, and supervised practicum
IV. Several focus areas that may be of interest to you are: certified peer recovery specialist, certified recovery program manager, certified clinical supervisor, certified criminal justice professional, certified prevention specialist, medication-assisted treatment specialist, sober living specialist, intervention specialist, and women's treatment specialist
V. Check with your Advisor to see if you can shadow someone in the field that you are interested in for a career
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Helene (Eleni)’s Answer

Usually a background in social work, psychology, or public health can lead to this career.
Typically you see people with a masters degree in these areas work in this space.
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Gail’s Answer

Hi Emily!
You need to get a Master’s Degree in Counseling. Most 4 years colleges have such a program. They will assign you to an internship in a clinical setting with a Supervisor who specializes in substance abuse treatment and counseling. The internship program usually is completed in the last year of your program.

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