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How do I stand out more to get in a pharmacy school?

Currently, I have my associates of science/arts, and I am hoping to get my bachelor in biology in the next two years! Then my goal is to apply for Pharmacy school! I need help on how I should stand out more! #pharmacy #pharmacists #pharmacist

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2 answers

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Sarah’s Answer

A Pharmacy degree gives you lots of options. Yes, you can work in a local/community pharmacy or you could work in a hospital, nursing home, or for an academic institution.

To stand out for any type of college degree, volunteer - either in your chosen field or in something you are passionate about -, start or be part of a club or organized sport, or get a job. For some, it is helping with a family business or taking care of a family member. Whatever you do, do something that you can stick with - volunteering for 2 weeks is not showing commitment over 4 years of high school.

Good luck!

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Abdul Vaajid’s Answer

I agree with Sarah, volunteering will help you out a lot. Volunteering can be done at a hospital too, ask their volunteer services if you can volunteer at their pharmacy. Also make sure to get your pharmacy tech license as soon as possible and also study PTCB book to get yourself certified, it fairly simple exam if you know your math you will pass. Apply for pharmacy tech position as community retail pharmacy you are at perfect point to start a job at retail chain. I used to work for a retail chain while I was in pharmacy school and it helped me out a lot with managing my time and also applying what I learned in class at work.
Be involved at your University, learn as much as possible and always be open to add different skills to your knowledge this will excel you in school and in your future career.