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Posted on May 28, 2016

My career goal is to become a pharmacist working either in a clinical environment or a hospital!

Context: Currently, I am getting my associates of Arts and Science degrees. Then I plan to transfer to a university and finish my biology major in two years. After that I hope to get into the Pharmacy school of my choice and finish as a pharmacist!
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Tatyana S. May 28, 2016 982 views

How do I stand out more to get in a pharmacy school?

Currently, I have my associates of science/arts, and I am hoping to get my bachelor in biology in the next two years! Then my goal is to apply for Pharmacy school! I need help on how I should stand out more! #pharmacy #pharmacists...


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Tatyana S. May 28, 2016 2218 views

Should I go into Pharmacy or Dentistry?

Currently, I am enrolled in a community college, and hopefully, by next year, I will be done with my associates. Then I will transfer to a university to finish my biology degree, and after that I'm not sure the pros or cons of either going into the pharmacy or dentistry program? #dentistry...

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