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How much to Artist make?

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Melissa’s Answer

There are a lot of variables to figure this out:
- what level? entry level? experienced 10+ years? more experienced means more income
- the area you're working in: larger urban areas tend to pay more livable wages
- what type of art do you do? is it mixed media? painting? design?
- do you specialize in only one area or multiple? some places need an all-in-one designer (logos, layouts), some need a very specific role (charcoal illustrator, web developer)

Check Glassdoor and other sites that offer a salary estimate based on location and job title.

The most important thing is to learn if you enjoy what you're working on and can make a living from it. If you find that you love painting, but don't like getting prompts from others, then that might not be a great career path. Also, remember that art and design are subjective fields so some will appreciate what you do and others won't. Some will be kind in their feedback and others will be harsh and critical. Use all of this constructively to grow and move forward.

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Meg’s Answer

As Melissa mentioned, there are a lot of variables that could impact how much you make as an artist. However, there are plenty of creative careers where you can make a comfortable living - it's all about the tradeoffs you're willing to make in terms of flexibility and stability.

I provided more details on some of these tradeoffs in response to another question that may be helpful: