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Im a sophmore in highschool what should I be doing to help me in the future to become a dentist

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2 answers

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Shipra’s Answer

Being in high school and aiming for Dental , It's important you understand and take interest in science(Biology, Physics, Chemistry) . There may be a dental entrance exam which you will have to clear after your high school .
There are various institutes which provide coaching for clearing the entrance exam and you can start self study as well using sample papers for these entrance exams
Wish you all the best !!

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Summer’s Answer

I would recommend paying attention in your science classes! You will most likely need Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, etc. when you are in college for your Bachelor's Degree and pre-requisites towards dental school. Paying attention now, learning good note-taking and studying tips can really help when you move on to your college career.

Summer recommends the following next steps:

Research different schools for Bachelor Degress (Biology, Chemistry, etc)
Research Dental Schools: entrance exams, courses needed, etc.
Look at prerequisite (classes you need before going to dental school) for each specific dental school you are interested in