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Was working in the math field the right choice for you? Why?

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4 answers

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Kasandra’s Answer

I studied Actuarial Science so I was formed by plenty mathematicians, as I talked to them they told me they enjoyed the math field and being professors but they complemented their careers with masters in finance or a MBA.
As an actuary I apply math, statistics, probability, operations research and others in fields like finance, insurance, risk management, we also learn programming so you will be able to become a data analyst or a data scientist, as a mathematician you can also do all the described above. It's challenging to educated within the math field but is truly rewarding.
I work as a data analyst, i love my job, it was the right choice for me since I enjoy analyzing, interpreting and explaining datasets, it's like getting to know something from the inside-out and there are a ton of things you can do with it, you get to play and discover and, for me, it's fun and a lot of times challenging, and I like challenges.
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Andrew’s Answer

Taking up a professorship in mathematics in my mid-fifties as a retirement job, I consider this to be the right choice for me. I retired after fourteen years of teaching. And, I am looking for opportunities to mentoring and tutoring the youth in my retirement years.

My primary training is in physics. After over three decades in basic and applied research in academia and NASA environment, I find meaning in devoting my “golden” years in the education of the next generation.
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Delaney’s Answer

Hi Kennedy,

I started my career as a high school math teacher for 6 years. There were parts of the job I loved (relationships with students and fellow teachers) and parts that were extremely stressful (long hours, high expectations on teachers with low expectations for students, and limited job mobility). Eventually, I found the negatives outweighed the positives for me.

I have recently moved onto a new role, where I work on math curriculum for a publishing company. While I originally thought I would teach for most of my career, I eventually realized that it would not be my forever career, but I'm totally okay with that! I don't regret going into teaching, and I've found that my degree and schooling is way more versatile than I originally realized. There are many careers I can use my degrees for, and I'm very happy with my choice to pursue the schooling path that I did.
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Melinda’s Answer

There are many different jobs in the mathetics field, so there are a lot of options for people who want to go into that. When I was in school, my favorite subject was math. I enjoyed problem-solving and figuring out the right answer. I even majored in math in college! For me, it made sense to go into a mathematics career. I think it's important to think about the types of math courses you like. There are theoretical math classes and applied math classes. I enjoyed applied math more, so I decided to become an Actuary after college (similar to Delaney's response). I spent a little over 5 years as an Actuary, and then I went back to school to get my MBA with a focus in Finance. Now, I am in a Finance role, which also uses my math skills. I love that I get to problem solve and figure out the right answer to help the business manage their budget. That has been the right choice for me!