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Halle Apr 09 296 views

Is General Astronomy harder than Introductory Physics?

I have to have a science lab class for college, and I don't know which to choose, science isn't my strong suit, but these are the only 2 options I have.

Helen’s Avatar
Helen Mar 27 139 views

What type of math programs are there in university?

I am interested in seeing if there are math-related programs provided at colleges.

Alaric’s Avatar
Alaric Mar 25 225 views

Would this be a good schedule for someone looking to major in physics and electrical engineering Also, which route should I take for my twelfth grade year?

I’m currently in eighth grade, but since seventh grade I’ve been planning out my high school schedule. I’m unsure on my twelfth grade schedule, though. I believe the science classes might be too much. Based on everything else I’m taking, what do you think I should do? I want to major in...

savanna’s Avatar
savanna Mar 18 252 views

How can I pass all of my classes?

I have a d in math and I would like to raise my grade.

Colter’s Avatar
Colter Mar 12 416 views

what is best resource to learn new skills?

skills like programming and math

Sym’s Avatar
Sym Mar 10 509 views

What is the best thing to do to prepare before pursuing a comp sci and mathematics double major?

Grade 12, senior

Mila’s Avatar
Mila Mar 09 287 views

can you tell me success story of you abput learning online?

can you tell me success story of you abput learning online?

Ivan’s Avatar
Ivan Mar 04 484 views

What is a great place to go to college for Math in general?

I like Math.

Ivan’s Avatar
Ivan Mar 04 563 views

What is a good career path if you are good at Math.?

I love Math. I like baseball.

Helen’s Avatar
Helen Mar 01 158 views

What do people normally do in jobs related to math?

I'm wondering if majoring in math is the correct pathway for me as I want to find a job in the future where it'll match my interests.

Helen’s Avatar
Helen Mar 01 284 views

What are career pathways for those who want to major in mathematics?

I want to major in mathematics and I'm interested in the career pathways after acquiring a bachelor's degree.

Helen’s Avatar
Helen Mar 01 142 views

Are there any math opportunities for high schoolers?

I want to major in mathematics but I can't seem to find anything related to mathematics online.

jamie’s Avatar
jamie Feb 27 545 views

why is univesity important?

I like the math and music because is very incredible and amazing, I like the math for the numbers and the music for the melody, the notes and the letters

S.J.’s Avatar
S.J. Feb 27 483 views

Wat careers include math and chemistry?

I am interested in math and chemistry also in basic biology and basic physics

LIL’s Avatar
LIL Feb 17 634 views

Why does math have letters?

Makes no sense I just don’t like it