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What made you realize you wanted to become a real estate agent.

I am in 8th grade. My teacher told my class that we had to pick 3 jobs that we were interested in. I decided to choose a Real estate agent. I really want to learn what they do. #realestate #student #classes

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Julio’s Answer

Hey Savannah,

Real Estate is a great and very unique work field to choose and I can definitely fill you in on many of the biggest questions about what they do. To begin, real estate agents work at a real estate firm where they connect with clients via their firm, cold calling, social media, and postings on their firm’s website. Whenever they connect with a potential client, they try and learn what kind of home/property they are looking for and begin to search for similar listings on the market. From there, the agent sends some of the listings to the clients and if the client is interested in one, they go on a showing where they tour the house or property, talk about some of the features and surrounding area that may be beneficial for the consumer and at the end of the day they essentially are salespeople, so they try and sell the property for a commission which they get for every sale.

That is the basics about being a real estate agent, the unique part about being and becoming a real estate agent is the process and career options you have in this field. To become a real estate agent, you actually do not have to go to college, rather you take a course online or in-person that will teach you most of the fundamentals of real estate to pass the realtor exam and get certified in your state. Another unique part of this career is that you can do this part-time or full-time depending on your availability, firm you work with, and more, so if you are doing real estate as a side job or while you try and finish school, you can, but part-time realtors are rare and usually do not make too much money; this career is most beneficial if it is going to become your main and only job since you will be able to contribute more of your time to it and make more commission. Finally, speaking of commission, this career is a bit risky since some realtors tend to go one or two years without selling ANY properties and they have no option, but to leave this field of work, BUT that is not to discourage you, since many realtors can become very, very successful and become millionaires with properties, investments, commissions, and more.

If you want to watch some videos on YouTube, Graham Stephan, is a realtor who is very successful and talks about his career, gives financial advice, and more on his channel, definitely check him out and some of his videos on his real estate career that will give you more insight.

Hope this helped and Good Luck!