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Have you ever had to fire a gun as a detective

I am in 8th grade. I am taking a class called career and tech. My teacher said that I get to choose 3 jobs I am interested in and I decided to choose a Detective. I thought that it would be interesting to learn about what you do. I have always wondered if you have ever had to fire a gun on somebody as a detective. I hope you respond. #detective #career #school

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Suzanne’s Answer

Hi Savannah. I'm not a detective, but my father was for the California Highway Patrol for many years. I am guessing that it might depend on what type of detective you are, but my father never had to fire his weapon as a detective. He investigated auto theft and also was a part of a drug task force. You would have to carry a weapon to protect yourself and your fellow officers, but hopefully you would never need it. In order to be a safe gun owner, you would need to go through gun training and you would need to continue shooting practice and gun safety on a regular basis. Hope this answers your question. Enjoy your career research.