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What are some of the best ways to study and or practice for cosmetology school?

I am wondering what some of you professionals and or students use to practice and or what are good places to start studying. #cosmetology #hair-nails-makeup #studying #goodplacestostart #cosmetologyschoolstudents

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2 answers

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Hassan’s Answer

Hey Dakota

I'm not in the cosmetology business but I would expect that most people would learn best by simply doing. If you don't have friends that will let you experiment on their hair and makeup then you could buy one or more Cosmetology Mannequins.

Go talk to the owners or managers of your local salons to see if there are any part-time jobs that would help you get into the business. Odds are they'd be reception and cleaning tasks since most other jobs require licenses.

In my mind, staying up on new trends is important and that means scanning social media and lifestyle sites for new ideas.

I am a licensed cosmetologist and this is a very good answer! Leah Cooper

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Kathryn’s Answer

Hey! Something that worked really well for me is to find an apprenticeship as a cosmetologist. You can call through the phone book of the salons in your area, ask if anyone there is licensed as a cosmetology teacher, and if they would be interested in having an apprentice. I also found this link: https://cos.ohio.gov/EXAM-SCHOOL-INFO/SCHOOL-INFORMATION/COSMETOLOGY-INTERNSHIP

The good part about an apprenticeship is that they pay to you work for them, while you get on-the-job training with other professionals.