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What Is electrical engineering right for me?

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3 answers

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Dan’s Answer

That's a great question Andrei. I graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and it offered me many opportunities!! The first thing I would start with is asking yourself if you enjoy your math and physics classes because 80% of the knowledge you need will build on those classes. And it's pretty challenging so it's always good to enjoy what you are doing!!

One thing to consider is include some classes on programming as well. Not only do the two types of skills come together but it will provide you with even more opportunities in potential careers that you can pursue.

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Rodrigo’s Answer

Hi Andrei

Electrical engineering is a great career, you can work in many areas and learn how to code physical equipments, but you can also work in the manufacturing industry, if you like the next points , this is the right for you:

-Building things

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Mark’s Answer

There are many verticals in electrical engineering so you have to ask yourself what do you enjoy? I personally am not a fan of pure theory in design so I focused on EET that allowed me to focus on the real world implementation which also allows for one to work with the EE on changing design based on external connections