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How do you narrow down choices for career planning?

I am a Sophomore in High school, I do enjoy making art and have thought about it as a career once or twice before, but I have also found another interest criminology. Both have peaked my interests making it difficult planning my career planning.

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4 answers

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Sooksun’s Answer

I don't have experience in either, but I have a family member that asked me a similar question when she was in high school. My answer to her was that time is on her side being in high school, and how to move forward was to work on gaining experience and exposure to both interests (she liked cooking and forensics) either through self study and to find mentors. She found that cooking was a passion for her, but not something she wanted to do as a job. She is now in college working towards an anthropology degree. Turns out forensics wasn't for her in the end.

TLDR. Use your youth as an advantage and look at gaining as much exposure to both interests. Mentors are great. Your passions and your career choices don't always line up and that is perfectly fine.

Sooksun recommends the following next steps:

Research your favorite artist and see how they got started.
Reach out to your school resource counselor for reference material.
Reach out to your local police department and see about ride alongs or community out reach programs that are scheduled.

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Sunny’s Answer

Hi Berncita,

I think there are some ways to see which career would be more interesting to you. Considering that you are a high school student, the easiest way would be to study deeper on both paths. For example, you can research online or find sources in a library about what abilities/capabilities are needed for those jobs. You can also ask self-evaluation questions. Are you more of a creative person or an analytical person? If you have two hours right now, which one would you find more interesting, making arts or reading books about criminology? This can give you some insights about which you want to choose as your career pursuit. But I think you will have a more clear picture once you actually start majoring it in college or doing your internship/volunteer jobs.

I also want to recommend to ask your families or close friends who know you very well. They can have some objective opinions about what you would be better at.

I hope this helps!

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Nicholas’s Answer

Hi Berncita,

Great question! This will be a constant struggle and I had a very similar dilemma when I started out. See if you can do some internships that will allow you to be more involved in the career aspect of each. I had to ask myself what did I want to wake up ever morning and look forward to working on. I had a passion for real estate and through many years of searching I finally made the move. Don't let salary be your driving force. Look for what is going to make you the happiest. Best of luck!!

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Aruna’s Answer

Hi Berncita,

These are great interests to have and there's plenty of time and opportunity to explore both. I would recommend doing some independent research on both areas to get a better sense of the career paths required for art and criminology. Being in high school, you can always get in touch with your career services office or counselor on the education guidelines required for both areas and general career planning. I would also encourage you to check within your network for professionals in either field or ask your career services office if they can get you in touch with someone in the art or criminology fields. Good luck!