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What if you have a "unrealistic" want for a job?

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5 answers

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Scott’s Answer


There have been some great answers to your open-ended question.

I will add that "unrealistic" is also a matter of perspective. In my experience the perspective of others is not that important. What matters most is what you believe and what you are willing to work towards.

For example, there are some people in technology who believe that it is "unrealistic" for someone without a Computer Science degree to pursue a career in Software Development. I've worked with people who are AMAZING software developers that have never had formal training in university. I can also say that these same people have put a LOT of time into their craft.

Skills are important and are developed over time so focus on skill development and realistic assessment of those skills to help you decide what is "unrealistic".

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Laura’s Answer

And it depends on what you mean by unrealistic. Do you want to be a singer; but can't sing a note? Do you want to be an artist; but can't draw a straight line? Then no, you shouldn't pursue those careers. I've always hated the "You can be whatever you want to be" platitude. You can't be WHATEVER you want to be. But you can be WHATEVER your talent is. Is your dream that you want to be a researcher and discover a cure for cancer? Then go for it! Work hard; study hard; do more and better than everyone else. And don't let your own self doubts or others opinions sway you from your goal.

There are so many pressures to decide what you want to 'be' when you grow up. How about you 'be' a decent human being who is contributing to the common good. Jobs come and go. Careers start, sometimes, in unexpected places. Don't be afraid to take a leap. Parents only want you to be safe and happy. But sometimes, a little distance from the ones who love you most, so you can explore that 'unrealistic' dream is necessary. But also - know when to quit. Trying to be an actor and you've been in Hollywood for 10 years and it hasn't happened yet? Well - take stock. Are you happy? Are you eating regularly? Do you have friends/family that lift you up and make you fulfilled. Then, by all means - keep going. But if you are burned out and don't want to keep doing the day to day - maybe it's time to hang it up and find a new career.

Long story short- what ever you dream about - keep it there in front of you. Pursue it. Reevaluate it. Live it.


Thank you very much, this was very moving, so basically people say that being a rap artist isn't realistic because not a lot of people make it, but some people have said i got the talent for it do you think i should pursue it? Jacob A.

You bet Jacob! Someone has to do it right? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Not everyone has to work at an office to be realistic and have a 'career.' You might become the next biggest rapper in the industry. You might not. But you won't know if you don't try. Laura Buczynski

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James’s Answer

Jacob, your question is one that is important because at your age, it's difficult to decide "what am I going to do for the rest of my life). Most young folks think thought and struggle immensely with it. I know I did while I was in high school. Let me tell you a story. I'm a african american man and I love animals. I've had every pet known to mankind. I was probably the first black man to be bitten by an alligator ..LOL Anyway, my desire was to become a zoologist. I wanted to be like my childhood hero Dr. Lester Fisher (Director at the time) of the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. He would introduce a variety of animals on The Ray Raynor show and I would just sit and fantasize about doing his job. Well, I went to Northern Illinois University and decided I was going to major in Biology and get a Masters in Zoology. Well after being accepted to college my dream started to fade. I began to think who is going to hire an African American man at a zoo to facilitate the care of animals. I eventually talked myself out of it and changed my major. Now today, there are all kinds of TV shows with black veterinarians and zoologists and a multitude of African Americans working at Zoo's in the US....Basically all of this was said for you to understand how important it is for you to stay true to your dreams. Don't end up years down the line saying "I wish I shoulda coulda". Be focused and pursue your dreams. Don't think money because if your are focused and dedicated to your craft, the money will come. Trust this old man, I know from experience !! Hopefully this will help you. Dream BIG !!

Thank you also a very motivating statement and very helpful, Do you think i should try to pursue to become a rapper? Jacob A.

If your passion is t become a rapper, I'd say go for it. Just be the best rapper you can be !! James Harper

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Christine’s Answer

Hi Jacob! I agree with nothing ventured, nothing gained. I would add the following to that advice to pursue your dream in a realistic way:

- Have a way to support yourself while you pursue your stretch goal of becoming a rap artist
- Look at other fields in the music industry, such as producing, editing, commercial work, etc. that might provide job satisfaction while you reach for your dream. It will also give you a chance to make sure that the "reality" of your career choice is what you expect and that it fulfills you.
- Remember that you are going to "fail" a TON (i.e. hear the word "no" or receive feedback that can feel disheartening), but ANY successful person has gone through this part of the experience over-and-over-and-over-and-over again! It's those who give up or tire of "failing" who do not achieve their goals. Please note: I use the work "fail" loosely - I view the word strictly as an opportunity to improve, try again, not as a negative the way many people think of it
- Do not be afraid of your dreams/goals/career paths changing over time. I had one career goal for a large portion of my life but ended up realizing that the reality of my career choice did not make me happy. I changed paths despite all of the hard work and time that I had put in to achieve my prior goals. It's all a learning experience.

I hope that no matter what you decide to pursue, that you continue to enjoy to rap and get out your creative energy! Best of luck to you!

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Elisabetta’s Answer

Hi Jacob! What do you define 'unrealistic'? If 'unrealistic' is having ambitions and dreaming big, then never stop being unrealistic. In a nutshell, you should follow what you enjoy doing and what you are good at doing. There is nothing unrealistic from there. For example, I landed on a job that is very different than what I thought I would do when I was 14. My plans changed continuously because I, like you and everyone else, are changing continuously as persons. We live experiences, we meet people, all these events change us, mostly in positive ways. What you like and enjoy now, might not be what you will like and enjoy in 5 years. And that is okay. Set goals for the person you want to be and the job you want to do. We all change plans, the important point is to follow what you think is right at the time of the decision. Write down what your unrealistic want is, and also write down what makes it unrealistic. If you are missing the skills and the experience to get there, all you need is the motivation to get those, that comes with time and willingness to learn. All the very best, Eli