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How is it in the military

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3 answers

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Saurabh’s Answer

Hii Damarrion,
Good to hear from you that you want to know about how it feels being in military. I have a experience of spending 15-20 days in military. Following are the observations which I made-

1. It is great to be in company of like-minded enthusiastic induviduals and having a common objective.
2. There is nothing called impossible in military. You will be transformed in such a way that everything looks quite easy and achievable.
3. You will learn to survive in extreme conditions.
4. Bonding with so many people.
5. Satisfaction of serving for a cause.
6. The military job is like meritocracy in mediocrity. This means , the job doesn't require you to be particularly at anything but fairly good at everything.
7. Long period of Separation from immediate family is common.
8. Strict discipline wherein individual freedom is limited.
9. Sharing the hard times and good times with a tight group of people is something really special.
10. Last but not the least , It depends on your perspective to see things. Many would call it the greatest adventure of your life, while others may believe its just a job.

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Paulus’s Answer

Hey, Id like to start by saying I think its awesome that your thinking of serving in such a important way.

I would say its about joining the Military for the right reasons, there are a lot of benefits to being in the service, such as traveling, free education, employment and learning skills you cant any where else. However If your looking to learn and better yourself as far as discipline and education it would be a good fit. You can create bonds of brother hood and truly have a adventure. That comes with ups and downs like most things however you can have a great career also depending on your choices and interest.

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Don’s Answer

I spent 12 years in the United States Marine Corps and looking back loved that I experienced every bit of it. While in the thick of things, during the 12 years, I am sure I had more than one time where I might have thought joining was a bad thing but those always quickly passed and honestly helped with the experience and ultimately provided me with the skills needed to succeed in anything I applied myself to.

There were some collegues of mine that left the military as soon as they could since it was just not for them.

I think every person is unique in what they are looking for to learn and or experience. In my case it was the best thing I ever did and don't regret one second of my decision to enter and am very proud that I did. Your mileage may vary here but it's all what you make it.. You make it awesome and it will be just that.

Hope this helps,