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quincy Nov 10, 2020 402 views

I'm a 12th grade and i need advice to get a good career for hands on jobs and engineering, diesel mechanic, welding?

I'm in 12th grade and I'm looking to a career that involves hands on and engineering, diesel mechanic, welder. I need advice on which school is good and how can I get more help to get into those school for my career I'm looing for. my hobbies are playing sports, like basketball, football, and i...

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Ivan Nov 05, 2020 238 views

How to be a Welder?

How to become a welder, What do you have to study. What school do you have to go too. #welding #school

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Damarrion Nov 13, 2020 327 views

How is it in the military

#amy #engineer #mechanics #carpentry

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Samantha Jun 12, 2020 4088 views

Should I join the Air Force or go to College?

Hi, My name is Samantha and I am 1 of 5 siblings. None of which went to college or made a life of themselves. But I am the only one out of 5 that is super smart and has excellent grades. I am a student that have straight A's and could possibly get a scholarship. But on the other hand, I looked...