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Want to know the universities and the study to peruse for becoming a lawyer?

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I want to understand what graduation / post graduation should I peruse to become a lawyer?
Also which universities are good to peruse this course?
Also is there an university that helps in getting internship/practice ? #lawyer #lawyers

2 answers

JENNA’s Answer

Your adviser can help you select undergraduate courses. Your law school generally assigns your first year courses, then you can select additional ones as you complete your degree according to your interest. Your question is very general, so you would have to research your school(s) of interest to see what internship/career support is available. Most law schools have these resources available to students. As long as you have an accredited undergraduate degree from a US university, you can consider law school. I don't know what requirements are for foreign students. Your school(s) of choice would have more information about their individual requirements.