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Are there a lot of careers for people who want to work in medical entomology? I know some jobs are in public health departments and the CDC

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3 answers

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Latoya’s Answer

Yes, there are entomologists at CDC. Lots of insects can carry diseases, so there's totally a need for them at CDC (i.e. in public health) and numerous other industries. My advice: cast your net wide and don't be afraid to be creative in your search.

Thank you, I'll consider that. I'm realizing there's so much that can be done in medical entomology Melissa R.

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Mariam’s Answer

The medical field is huge, there are many jobs that can go into a specific category. For example, in Medical entomology, there are jobs in:
- Biological or genetic research
- Forensic entomology
- Public Health
- Consulting (in many aspects)
- You can work in the government level
- pharmaceutical industry
- Natural resources management
- Veterinary

Thank you! I'll look into those career paths Melissa R.

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Theresa’s Answer

With the information I've found there are several different avenues you can go through with it. Agricultural, biological or genetic research.
Forensic entomology.
Public health.
Consulting (agricultural, environmental, public health, urban, food processing)
State and federal government agencies.
Conservation and environmental biology.
Pharmaceutical industry.
Natural resources management.