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Latoya Simmons

Emergency Management Specialist for Infectious Diseases
Community and Social Service Occupations
Atlanta, Georgia
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Yaineliz Oct 29, 2023 469 views

Best Biology branch?

Which branch of biology is the best in your opinion?

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Oct 06, 2021 517 views

Is majoring in biology worth it?

Planning on majoring in #biology, would you say it was worth it? if not then why?

jemima’s Avatar
jemima Oct 17, 2020 523 views

i dont know and i know what i want

i know i want something related to biology and maybe a lab, or forensics; but i dont know what can fit into a biology carrear that i feel accomplished. I was looking for biomedical engineering, please give me examples and more majors/ideas.
#biology #lost #biomedicine #health

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Nov 24, 2020 519 views

Are there a lot of careers for people who want to work in medical entomology? I know some jobs are in public health departments and the CDC

#public-health #health #medicine #givingiscaring