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Dental Hygienist Major

I am currently a freshman in college going on my sophomore year. I am looking into becoming a dental hygienist. Right now, I am a health science major but my school doesn’t offer a dental hygiene major. Can I become a dental hygienist with a bachelor’s degree in health sciences? #dentistry #dentistry #dental #college #dental #dental

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2 answers

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Jason’s Answer

You'll at least need an associates degree in Dental Hygiene, but you can definitely do it if you put your mind to it. There are many routes you can take, since it's early on for you, you could just do general studies courses for credits/graduation requirements and look to transfer to another school with a dental hygiene program, or even find an online program. I'm sure several of your classes (since you are a freshman) might overlap with the graduation requirements for a dental hygiene degree. I recommend speaking to a counselor to work out your potential paths and the risks/benefits with each one.

Requirements differ state to state, but most requirements can be satisfied by:

Diploma from a CDA-accredited program
Successful passage of the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination, a comprehensive written test
Completion of a state-level or regional clinical board examination

Once you've completed all three, you are considered a registered dental hygienist and can put RDH to your name.

Great answer. Sheron Stocker

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William’s Answer

No, you'll have to find a dedicated Dental Hygienist program, usually, these are AS programs at Community Colleges. What you should do is apply to a few programs in the area where you live and then determine which will allow you to transfer credits which would allow you to complete the program in a shorter period of time. Good luck!