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how can i get a job

i'm joy katleen alcantara 17yld
i'm just a simple girl
#jobs #caring #pro

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4 answers

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Sunny’s Answer

Hi Joy,

It is great that you already think about getting a job. Before you think about how to get a job, I think it might be helpful to see what opportunities you have in your area. You can ask your friends who already have jobs or do some research on a part time job in the local area.

Some teen jobs can include - restaurant server, dog walking, cleaning houses, yard work, tutoring, etc.

You can probably search by teen jobs near me to find our more job posting related to your interests.

I hope this helps!

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Rebecca’s Answer

Hi Joy, I am not sure you are looking for a part time job or full time. Since you are only 17 years, I would suggest you to continue your study and start with a part time job. You are too young to work full time. Even though you are not interested on formal study, you can try to attend the technical college or any courses you are interested on. The part time job allows you to finance your study and again working experience.
There are many part time jobs available, e.g. working in a cafe, fast food chain, supermarket, libraries, etc. If you are interested on a particular industry, you can also search you that particular areas.
Hope you this helps and Good Luck!

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Sarah’s Answer

Hi Joy,

Looking for a job can always be a challenge. I would recommend the following:
- For a part time job I would recommend looking on job boards online or going into shops that have "help wanted" signs. It would be best to have a resume as well (if you have prior experience).
- For a full time job/career I would find something that you are interested in and want to learn more about. Looking online and making connections is a great first step into securing a full time job. Ask your friends/family if they have any open positions at their places of work. There are mentor programs in almost every industry which is a great way to learn and see what interests you. As long as you have a positive attitude and a willingness to learn you will have no trouble finding a job!

Hope this helps!

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Karen’s Answer

Good for you that you are thinking about how to get a job, and being a "simple girl" is a great trait. Some people who lead a simple life are happiest of all.

To get a job, it helps if you can be open to trying a variety of positions and being flexible to do whatever is needed. It might help to think about the things you like to do and then start searching job possibilities online while also letting your friends and family know what you're looking for. If you don't have any experience in an area, you could try to volunteer for a nonprofit organization where you can gain skills.

If you look at every job as an opportunity to learn and grow, you will be able to look back later and see how much those opportunities helped get you to where you want to be.

With every good wish!