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What state is the best to be a veterinarian

I'm a sophomore in Utah and I am looking for colleges to apply for, and I would like to apply for a college in the state that is best to be a veterinarian in. #veterinarian #vetschool

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2 answers

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Julie’s Answer

Hi TyAnne! Chuck's link is helpful, but I would also consider what actually interests you as a person. I went to vet school several years after graduating college , and when I looking at different vet schools I tried to apply to schools where I would actually want to live for 4 years. Some vet schools are in small cities or rural areas in order to accommodate the large animal portions of the curriculum, and visiting different campuses once you're applying to school is the best way to get a sense of an area.

A couple other factors are (1) if you're already a resident of a state you can get in-state tuition which really helps with finances, and (2) being already established in an area means you'll have friends or family to support you emotionally during the stress of school. Good luck!

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Chuck’s Answer

The best state to be a veterinarian is California: https://www.zippia.com/veterinarian-jobs/best-states/

Chuck recommends the following next steps:

Explore veterinarian positions in California. Also read the article by pressing on the link provided.