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what after M.sc. in Mathematics ?

HI i am doing msc in mathematics from a named university. i want to know that what are the options or what are the opportunities after Msc other than Ph.d ? #travel #phd #science-phd

Hello, Thanks for Asking..!! There are so many career options available after completing M.Sc. M.Sc in Mathematics graduates can apply for Research &amp; Development Firms, Market Research firms and Manufacturing firm etc. You can also specialize in your field of interest. You can pursue Ph.D. I think <a href="https://www.eduncle.com/csir-net-exam">CSIR NET</a> Exam will be the best option for you. I am also a science student &amp; interested in research field. So I am also preparing for this exam. you can also try for the post of Scientist in organizations like DRDO/TIFR/ISRO etc. Other career opportunities - Bank PO, SSC, Railway, UPSC Exams. I hope it will help you. Best of Luck :) Divya J.

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Wael’s Answer

I found you a couple of links to help you out. I hope you the best.


Hi there again Wael! Thank you so much for providing Harshdeep with such valuable advice. Could you please provide a brief explanation of the links that you posted? We're seeing a lot of link rot these days (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Link_rot), and the information that you provided in your links may never reach the student. On behalf of the young people benefiting from your answer and the entire CareerVillage community thank you for answering this student’s question!<br> -David Ohta David Ohta COACH