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what are job opportunities after M.tech?

hello, After my M.tech what are the best job opportunities for me to opt for other than IT jobs, like there is HAL(hindustan aeronautics limited) . #job-search #first-job

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2 answers

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Prasad’s Answer

You did not mention specialisation in M Tech. The generic advice That I can give is

1. Most of the top Govt organisations (Like DRDO, ISRO etc) are using GATE score to recruit for Jobs. So you can look for writing Gate and get a great score above 95 %tile to be considered.

2. Many organisations like Railways, BARC, ECIL etc offer stipendary Apprenticeship for 1 or 2 years. That would help in opening of Channels for other GOVT organosations or Pvt organisations.

3. Many Govt Companies have some conditions to recrit Local state people. Being Karnataka you can look for specific companies in Karnataka and check the Careers page. They normally give details their recruiting process and qualifications and dates to apply if any jobs are open. Some examples are

4. if you want to consider Teaching as a profession you can check for jobs directly in PVT colleges as teaching assistant and also consider appearing for CSIR exam to get yourself eligible for Govt colleges.

5. We have a National CareerService website for Govt jobs. You can register there to get know of openings and eligibility. Link for that https://www.ncs.gov.in/

6. Looks for Jobs in your core engineering when you look in Job Portals. There you will see some requirements from PVT organisations.

Some Links that can help

Do not sit Idle keep preparing for some exams in your area or join some smal job. It will help you further in your career. Good Luck.

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Desiree’s Answer

I presume you mean "Master of Technology". If so, lots of industries require technologist - there are food technologist, medical technologist, architectural technologist, etc. Many financial institutions have analyst with technology backgrounds, too. Talk to your career placement office or guidance counselor about what career paths may be available, look to on-line job search tool and LinkedIn to see what jobs require the M.Tech and what may fit your interest. Good luck!

Desiree recommends the following next steps:

Talk to your school or uni's career placement office or guidance counselor about career paths
Research jobs that require M.Tech using on-line job search tools and/or LinkedIn
Seek "informational interviews" with M.Tech grads about their career paths and what others with the degree are doing.