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I want to make a career change

So I want to make a career change to the IT field as I am a fresher which course to choose MCA / Data Science/PG in Computer Science. Yes, I love to do coding but there are vast in the IT field it is very difficult for me to choose which 1 will be good for the future like networking, software development/front/backend developer/Cloud computing, etc. Basically, I don't have a degree in any IT. And please tell me the career scope, I want to make a career as a software developer or a coder #career-counseling #career-choice

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3 answers

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Rebecca’s Answer

I am not sure what level you are in and how old are you. If you are interested in coding, networking or hardware are your options. However, in coding, there are also plenty of aspects, .e.g. apps, web pages, traditional systems, operating systems, etc. There are plenty of resources available online. You can explore more on what you are really interested on.
You can then take up some courses on the relevant areas. At the same time, you can also start doing some coding yourself. It can help you to understand what you are really interested on and practice the skills.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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Brian’s Answer

You have a great background with software engineering and data science.

This may sound cliché but the way for you to be the most successful emotionally and financially is to identify a specific area in these fields that interest you the most.

For instance - maybe you are really into movies - think of ways software and data fits into movies. Maybe you can make a website that aggregates streaming data of movies/TV shows. Maybe you could aim to work for Netflix or a company like them.

The most success will come from teaming your skills with your passion. Because you passion will drive you to be successful with your skills.

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Shravan’s Answer

Both data science and software engineering have a huge scope (i.e large number of jobs available). However, which one to choose is something which you have to decide based on the following factors

1. What interests you
2. What you are good at doing

So what I would suggest is you start fully focusing on any one of the fields, which you feel suits you best. If it satisfies the above 2 criterion, well and good. If not, then you have narrowed down your options and move the next one you feel best suits you. In due course you would be able to figure out what suits you best.

There are a ton of free courses (theory+practical) available on places like Coursera, Udemy(not free but quite cheap), NPTEL, which might perhaps help you figure this out.