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Can I succeed in life without money

I'm a girl aged 19 ,I always wanted to succeed in life but my studies are affected by financial problems #pediatric-nursing #computer-programming

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3 answers

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Beth’s Answer


You pose an interesting question. I would say that no, you cannot succeed in life without money. That said, if you don't have money in your pocket, there are ways you can get money to continue your studies. So many ways. You can get a job and start to save. You can go to the school you are interested in attending - and see if they have a job you can do. Maybe they would let you work in exchange for being able to take a class and continue your studies. You can reach out to a local agency that helps students get scholarship money to continue studies. You could apply to an exchange program that would take you to another country to study (and may be funded by the other country).

I am not familiar with how money for education is allocated in Zimbabwe, but I suspect that someone from your current or former school could help you navigate this often enormous task of figuring out how to get you from Point A to Point B. In the US, high school students have guidance counselors who are knowledgable about where students in need can find funds to attend college.

BUT you have to be willing to work for it, Nozihlobo! And that means often having 1 or maybe several jobs WHILE also going to school. It means studying hard to maintain good grades (because that is how you continue to get the money being offered). It means diligently searching high and low to finds scholarships. And if means LOVING LEARNING. I see you have interested in Computer Science and Pediatric Nursing. Google those professions. Read all you can. Practice some programming on line. Volunteer at a maternity ward at a local hospital. Find what you love best, then go after it. When you are pursuing and doing what you love, you WILL succeed in life - and the money will follow.

Here are some websites to check out:

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Rebecca’s Answer

The success of your life should be determined by monies. It is more a subjective feeling on yourself.
Firstly, you may need to sort out how to support your study financially. You may consider to take some part time work. Also, you can explore with the colleges any subsidy or scholarship offered by different organizations. Do your government have any grants to tertiary students?
Knowledge is very important to you. Please try every opportunities to continue your study.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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Chuck’s Answer


Please copy and paste: https://richardstep.com/self-help/be-more-successful-in-daily-life-without-any-money/#:~:text=Success%20Without%20Money%20Begins%20Today&text=Whatever%20will%20make%20your%20life,to%20be%20better%20every%20day.&text=Even%20if%20you%20make%20only,amount%20of%20money%20doing%20it.

Chuck recommends the following next steps:

To be more successful in daily life without money, work on enjoying your life more fully. Whatever will make your life experience more enjoyable and fun, do that and continually challenge yourself to be better every day. If you currently cannot do what you want due to financial constraints, then work on finding a way to make an interest of yours profitable. And if you’re looking for more ideas, I feel you’ll get some good use out of a book I wrote about finding your passion and purpose through some simple brainstorming tools. The book itself is a testament to the process. Even if you make only a few cents doing what you love, at least you will be making small amount of money doing it. That is how all fortunes start — from a few cents.