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Should I do theater or something more stable?

I am a Freshmen and I am starting to think about what I want to major in. I love to do musical theater and want to major in it, but I know that it is very competitive, so I am worried that I am not talented enough. Also, it's not the most stable career path, so should I do something more profitable and secure instead? #theater #musicaltheater #theatre #preformingarts #career-paths

I think it’s best that you should do some theater because this reminds me that lots of people can find me on stage performing at Willow Creek Church for the Special Friends productions. One goal that I wanted to achieve is to find jobs at Willow Creek Church that is related to theater or music. I asked my mom about the jobs that I was interested but she told me that I have a college degree first. Well, I can probably wait for a little while because I was half way through, Grace H.

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3 answers

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Atul’s Answer

There are many who have tried out the profession of theaters and have not made it.
It is like people aiming for a professional athlete job in NBA, NFL, and others where many have done well in College but hardly make it in these leagues.
I suggest keep Theater as your passion, but get a 4-year degree in business such as Marketing, if you have people skills, you will do well. This is not the only path you can take but it is one of them.
Know your strengths, is it writing (are you good in English), is it Math (try engineering), or any other subject that you are passionate about.
I tell my children "if you enjoy what you do, you will never ever work in your life".
Find your passion and go for it. But remember, find something that you can put food on the table. You do not want to rely on your parents in their golden years.
All the best.

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Daniel’s Answer

The theater industry is an incredibly hard industry to break into. There are many routes to break into it, but in order to work in the large scale events you need at least 10 years of experience and a proven track record. The pathway that I took is as follows, BA in theater, professional work in theater events and productions(non-union), Lighting designer for a small theater, more profession al work (union); started but did not finish MFA in theater; left industry; found work with a great company ( Verizon) where I work presently; MBA with a concentration in finance. I was a lighting designer for theater and opera and was fortunate to work on a few large stages with companies that had multimillion dollar budgets. I still design on the side and work on a production on my spare time from time to time. I would recommend finding a niche where you can continue to practice your craft. If your interested in musical theater, perhaps studying music education and then pursuing a masters in education is a route that can provide more stability and offer practical applications of the medium. Stem fields and particularly CS and math degree holders are being sought after and a growing need in healthcare is still prevalent. I have a friend who was an actor and then decided to go to law school and is now an entertainment lawyer. What I always recommend to anyone is to explore all your options and talk to as many people in that industry that you are pursuing because everyone has had different pathways they have taken to get where they got.

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Jon’s Answer

If you are thinking your four year degree will be all you go for, then yes I agree with Atul. Find something that is more marketable. However I know lots of theater majors who went into Grand Administration, Law, or went for their MBA. So think about what is realistic within the industry and what you want.