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What does it take to be an Actor?

I am an aspiring actor, and I want to know what it takes to be the best actor I can be. acting theatre actor

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3 answers

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Aaron’s Answer

Awesome to hear you are looking to be an actor. I was a former college football player at the University of Oregon. I was the leader in Interceptions my Senior but no one would have guess it from my freshmen year that I would one day lead the entire Nation in Interceptions. I saw all that to say this. Put your all into it and have no expectations other to be the best you can be at what ever role you are playing. Surround yourself with positive people who push you.
Learn and grow from every experience that crosses your way. Remember you will miss 100% of the shots you dont take. So shoot your shot and get after it. You can do it!

Thank you so much, Aaron! Asher M.
Great advice! It's all about effort and positivity. Brian Weissman
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Brian’s Answer

There are a number of paths to get to that pinnacle. All of them, not surprisingly, involve practice. :)

To be a good actor, you need to watch as much live theater as you can.
You need to do as much live theater as you can.
And you need to read and analyze as many scripts as you can.

Beyond that, people go different routes. I have friends in the business who won't do community theater because the quality is so even and it can have a negative impact on their skills. Then again, with the pandemic, others will take any opportunity to stretch those muscles.

Some decide to go to college for performing arts. In this case, make sure you attend a reputable and well-reviewed program. It will make some difference in the coaching and development of your skills. It will make an even bigger difference in the contacts and connections you make.

If you aren't going through a program, definitely get yourself a reputable acting coach. This is not someone you pay who tries to find you gigs. Or who tells you that you are talented and if you give them $2k, they can get you into modeling or commercials. You just have to take their course. Those are scams. They should charge and hourly rate for lessons and should give you honest feedback and not suck up. They will help you find material that is right for you and help you explore and understand your monologues or scene work. They help you prep for auditions and don't send you out unless you are ready. When you are at the right level, they help you find an agent. That kind of support is far more important than having fun in a school play or community theater.

Having fun is important, but if you are serious about this as a profession, you need to hone your craft. Treat your body as one of the tools of your trade and take care of it. Work out for flexibility and endurance, not bulk. Being able to effortlessly deliver lines through strenuous movement is a great skill.

I'm sure there is a lot more, but those should get you started.

Hope this helps,

Brian recommends the following next steps:

Get out there and act
Get a coach
Go see as much live theater as you can and watch with an analytical eye
Work on flexibility and stamina
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Atul’s Answer

Have you participated in a school play to show what you have to offer?
Have you volunteered for a local theater in your area where you live?
What was their feedback?
Have you explored theater/acting degree or pursuing one?
My suggestion is to crawl, walk then run metaphorically before flying to Hollywood or NYC.
Remember this is a cut throat business and very few makes it.
I am not trying to put cold water on your passion but know the facts and then jump in.