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How can I gain experience?

I am a grad student searching for opportunities that I can gain skills and knowledge from #volunteer #cybersecurity #humantrafficking

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2 answers

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Atul’s Answer

Many cyber security companies hire interns as well as CIA, NSA, DNI, FBI and DHS.
Search for cyber security companies in your area and check out above agencies website to seek internships.

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Cat’s Answer

Hey Candice,

Like Atul said, internships are a great way to build experience and try out jobs that you think you might enjoy after graduation. The MITRE Corporation does paid summer internships for cybersecurity, and the applications for this summer are currently open! I've posted the link below.

Cat recommends the following next steps:

Link to the MITRE Cyber Interns Application: https://mitre.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/MITRE/job/McLean-VA/Cybersecurity-Engineering-Internships_R100610