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How do you learn to drive?

Greetings! I'm Ms. Rohm at the International Community School. My 4th graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks for your words of wisdom! :)


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4 answers

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Nicki’s Answer

Driving is a big step and does require you to sign up for behind the wheel education. This is usually 40 hours of classroom work then passing a written exam to get your learner's permit. Once you have that (usually at 15) you can practice driving with an adult often your parents. Most behind the wheel schools require 50 hours logged for practice driving. You also attend 6 hours of actual behind the wheel classes in a special car with a behind the wheel instructor. They take you out on the road to practice real situations that will be on your driver's test. Once you are 16 you can apply to take the road test for your official license. Although this may seem like a lot it's important for new drivers to have all the education and practice so they can become safe drivers on the road. Hope that answers your question.

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Ms. Rohm! Usually in high school junior year there is a driving ed course that teaches the basics and details of driving. You take a test at the end of the course and obtain a certificate that you passed. To drive one needs a permit first, the high school I went to offered driving lessons where you complete your 6 hours. Once you pass you obtain your permit, usually it is 16 but this may change based on the state that one lives in! After about 6 months of driving I believe you get to take the driving test for your license at 17; you have red decals (rectangles basically) on your license plate until about 21!

I hope this helps!
Best of luck!

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Kim’s Answer

There are many parts of learning to drive that you can do right now!

Part of learning to drive is learning to expect the unexpected. When you are riding in a car, try to imagine what it might be like to drive. For example, if you are riding through a residential area, notice the cars parked on the side of the street. What if one of them were to suddenly pull out? How would you know they were about to pull out? The answer is to watch for the brake lights on the car. Or, what if someone's dog got loose, and suddenly ran across the street? Drivers need to have quick reflexes. I think the computer games that people play help to develop these quick reflexes, although this is not an excuse to play more games!

Another part of learning how to drive is understanding how a car works. Not just the mechanical stuff, but other things such as why it takes longer to stop on wet roads. In science class, maybe in fifth or sixth grade, you will learn about friction. When you understand how the machine (car) you are operating works, it makes it easier to know what to do when things don't go as expected. For example, do you use a vacuum cleaner? Does it ever get clogged up? A responsible driver knows what to check when the car doesn't start. Preparing your mind to be curious about how machines work will help prepare you for learning about how cars work!

Another part of learning to drive is accepting responsibility. If you hit another car, you stop and make sure they are okay, and do an accident report. If the accident is your fault, you can't run from it. Sometimes this takes courage, because, you are afraid. But, you have to do the right thing.

Even after you get your driver's license, you will continue to develop your driving skills. For example, although I've been driving for 44 years, I've only ever driven in snow twice! So, I'm not good at it!!! And I have never driven in the mountains, where the steep incline and decline is harder to handle, and the winds blow crosswise across the road and make it hard to stay in your lane! Recognizing your limitations will help you keep from making mistakes.

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Vera Celeste’s Answer

There are many Driving Schools to teach you how to drive. You can learn how to drive a car, bus or truck. However, before attending a school there are books you can read to learn the motor vehicle laws in your state. You may be required to get a Learner's Permit which is earned after passing a written test. With the learner's permit you can attend the driving school and learn how to drive. After successful completion, you then take a road test to get your license to drive. You have to pass the road test to get a license to drive a car, bus or truck.