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How do you know if your career is going to take off, especially if you want to be a gamer or a YouTuber?

Well hello! I'm Ms. Spatzer at the International Community School. My 4th graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks so much!

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3 answers

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Simeon’s Answer

To make money as a gamer online, it's important to have a presence on many different platforms. Definitely stream on both Twitch and Youtube for starters. I've seen streamers make great money getting paid for subs on their live stream who make money off of the stream a second time by grabbing great clips and uploading them to Youtube for ad revenue. Patreon is also a great way to make the money from Youtube more predictable and less vulnerable to the risks that inherent to being a YouTuber. I'd recommend making a discord and developing a community as well as these are great ways to expand the size and enthusiasm of your community. Engage them in the comments section of videos and make emojis on Twitch of exciting moments that happen on stream if everyone is talking about those moments. Having a presence on Twitch, Facebook, Reddit, or Discord can be very helpful as well.
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Shannon R.’s Answer

Hi Class!

How do you know your career will take off? You work hard to not only work in the current environment of the work but also look ahead to future applications of that work. This is what people mean when they talk about leading an industry or following.

This especially goes for those working in social media. Set trends, don't follow them. Create organic content. Collaborate with others who are forward thinking.
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Shamar’s Answer

You have to be confident in yourself and work very hard! If you spend time practicing and finding ways to get better, over time you will be successful. The harder you work, the more of a chance you have of getting the things or the career that you want!