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should i study on medicine even if i'm doing bad in science and maths?

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3 answers

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Raquel’s Answer

If becoming a doctor is your dream don’t give up on it! Math and science courses (especially science) are very important for becoming a physician. It is very competitive to get accepted into medical school, and an important factor is grades. I don’t know about in the UK but in the US and Canada you have to take the MCAT, an entrance exam for medical school, before applying and your score determines whether or not you will be accepted and how good of a school you can get into. This exam is highly based on math and science, so you need to know it well to score well. If you are doing poorly, try to determine why. Is it a lack of interest, poor time management, poor studying, etc? See if you can talk to your teachers to determine why you’re struggling and make a plan to improve. There are great resources on the interent for how to improve studying as well as great tools to help you study in difficult classes like math and science. The most important thing to remember is that if this is what you want, even though it is hard, don’t give up! It will be worth all of the hard work!

Thank you so much for motivating me 💜 really thank you so much i was really sad because i really didn’t know what to do because people around me they were saying to me that i should change my mind stuff like that but i really want to study on medicine but really thank you so much for your answer orpi S.

I’m glad that I was able to help. Pursuing medicine is a long and difficult path that can easily get discouraging. But if you know that being a doctor is what you are made for, don’t let anything get in the way of it. There are so many resources out there to help you succeed, don’t let failure get in the way of your dream. It’s 100% worth the work. Raquel Davis

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Orpi! Yes of course! I agree with Raquel's answer! I think a lot of students can struggle in the route to medicine; I for one also did and still do! However it really matters about discipline and hard work, reach out to your teachers and see where the problem is. I use to struggle a lot as well but I always reached out to my teachers, I think it's definitely important to get their help! No need to be shy either, teachers and professors are always helpful you just need to reach out! In college there are also tutoring services so I would definitely use them as well; they are included in your tuition. Orpi you can do it! I seriously mean this because I use to have so many struggles and if someone told me when I was in middle school that I would be pursuing medicine, I would not have believed them. But I did; I still struggle because we are human, and we will at times! In the end though I became a tutor for Biology I, General Chemistry, and Psychological Statistics even with high feedback and most recurring students which made me so happy! In addition I was able to sit for the MCAT and the math did not frighten me; I would recommend Leah4Sci's math tutorials for the MCAT because there is no calculator allowed. The videos are very helpful for doing math in the simplest way possible. Lastly, there will always be people who will tell you that you can't do it but the only voice you should listen to is yourself! Surround yourself with good positive energy, friends and family who support you and find way to relax and do things you love! Don't worry if you love this field and devote yourself you will be able to succeed!

I wish you the best future doctor!
I really hope this helps!

Omg thank you so much!😭 it’s just i feel so happy when i read the feedbacks from people because they motivate me and yes i found it very helpful so thank you so much and i will do my best ! orpi S.

Of course Orpi! Thank you for your kind words as well! Yes, you will be fine! You care and if you dedicate it will work itself out! Good things take time and good things come to those who are patient but also strive for the best! Keep on striving! :) Yasemin G.

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Maren’s Answer

The way that I see it, your career is about doing something that you enjoy and can see yourself doing for many years to come. If you want to do something in the medical field, but you struggle in maths and science, your journey may not be easy -- but that definitely doesn't mean it will not be worth it! Don't let this be a barrier to letting you achieve your career goals. Just remember to lean on your professors and study hard, and I'm confident you can still get the job you've always wanted.