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How would game designers design their games?

I understand it takes a certain education to make something. But with all these games that are high demand, how would someone prevail that. Say like a story game, how would you go on about it. Like the music, combat, story, and so on.

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2 answers

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Stephen’s Answer

Thanks for your question, Covon.

Games that are in high demand typically are created by large teams of developers, with each person specializing in creating one small part of the game.

If you're looking to do all of the development yourself, look to Indie Games for inspiration and what a very small team can accomplish. Also, participating in Game Jams can help you understand some of the complexity of creating a videogame.

If you want to specialize in one particular kind of Game Design - like music, combat, or story design - one thing I like to do is research and play lots of games that are known for those elements.

Taking music as an example, if you're interested in creating epic soundtracks like those in AAA console games, listen to the music in the God of War or Medal of Honor franchises. If you're looking to incorporate musical mechanics in your game, then of course the rhythm game genre and games like Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero franchises are good examples. Finally, if you want to do it all yourself, listen to the music in Seiklus (cly5m) and Standard Bits (Doomlaser).

If you want to incorporate all of the above, check out Crypt of the Necrodancer.

Stephen recommends the following next steps:

Draw inspiration from games that share similarities with your ideas: https://braceyourselfgames.com/crypt-of-the-necrodancer/
Participate in a Game Jam like the annual Global Game Jam: https://globalgamejam.org/
Download free game development software (like Unity) and watch tutorial videos: https://unity.com/
Have fun!

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Rodrigo’s Answer

Hi Covon, making videogames is such a difficult task, when developing a game many people is involved, such as programmers, designers and creative leaders, maybe you are more interested in the story you can study some literature but specialized in sci-fi or something like that, if you want to develop and code for a videogame I advice you you check Unity for videogames is a tool for developing games.