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My Brother wanna do Master in Public Health. But He is confused between MPH and CMPH. He is also looking for Government Jobs in that field so which branch is better?

My brother wanna do Master in Public Helath. But He is confused between 'MPH and CMPH. He is also looking for Govt. Jobs in that field so which branch is better? #public-health #global-health #public-sector #public-health-policy

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2 answers

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Tequila’s Answer

If your brother pursues this career he will be on the road to a wonderful, rewarding career field. From the current pandemic situation, you both can see how important and vital those in this profession are. Once an individual finishes his/her degree in public health (MPH), the common next step for him/her is to apply for their certification in public health (CPH). This is accomplished by taking the Certified in Public Health exam. I'm thinking that CMPH is an old abbreviation for what is currently called CPH. There are criteria that must be met before a MPH is eligible to sit for the examination, your brother would have to meet ONE of the following criteria:
1. Must have completed all degree requirement for a Master's or Doctoral degree that's accredited by Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH)
2. Must be currently enrolled in a CEPH-accredited graduate-level degree program (getting his Masters or Doctoral degree), and must have completed all graduate level core work: biostatistics, epidemiology, health service/policy management, environmental health, and social behavioral sciences. If he meets these requirements, he can get a provisional certification until he graduates.
3. Have 5 years of public health experience and possess a relevant graduate degree (CEPH will determine what is relevant)

My source for this information and a place where your brother can search for more information: publichealthcareeredu.org. It's a commercial source from The George Washington University, Milken Institute School of Public Health. This is in no way an endorsement of that particular school.

Government agencies which hire Public Health professionals include the following: Office of the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS); Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); National Institute of Health (NIH). These are the ones that come readily to mind.

I hope I was able to answer your questions.

Hope your brother follows his goal to becoming a MPH, his work will benefit millions in the USA and around the world.

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Ashley’s Answer

I would like to second Tequila's answer. Public Health is a very rewarding field and I love it! She provided very good and comprehensive explanation of the difference between MPH and CPH, at least from the United States standpoint. I noticed you are from India and I am unsure where your brother is located, so perhaps CMPH stands for something different. I attempted to googled "CMPH" and "India" but was not able to find anything that explained the term further. From personal experience, I would recommend taking the CPH exam upon completion of the course requirements, provided he is enrolled in an MPH program, as he will be better prepared for the exam. As far as governmental agencies, I second what was mentioned in the comment from Tequila, CDC, NIH, HHS but would add local and state health departments as well as searching on USAJobs.gov for other agencies that could hire a public health professional. I recommend looking for a fellowship with a governmental agency upon graduation if that is feasible, if not, start with a local or state health department to get some experience as I know some CDC jobs ask for multiple years of experience. Hope this helps!