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is the teaching profession good?

want to become a teacher, this profession is good for the future teacher professional lecture

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7 answers

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Ayan’s Answer

  1. Hanging out with children all day keeps you young and ensures that your vocabulary, fashion and music tastes remain current and relevant.

  2. You make a massive difference in the lives of young people – even when you don’t even realise it. You might not know how many kids have taken your words of wisdom to heart and will go on to repeat them to their own children or even their own classes – but it’s more than you think.

  3. You are constantly learning new skills. You came in this job to teach maths, science or English. You now also run clubs, referee sports days, break up fights, do counselling and have learned an impressive array of arts and crafts for those pesky off-timetable days.

  4. No day is ever the same. Ever.

  5. You build positive relationships with students, colleagues, parents and the wider community.

  6. You become a role model. People look to you for advice and guidance and that feels pretty good.

  7. The children teach you as much as you teach them. Every teacher has had that moment where an innocent comment from a pupil has seriously hit home and changed their perspective. Also, you now know all the members of One Direction.

  8. There is constant laughter. Learning can – and is – fun and that goes for the teacher too. These groups of kids you have grown fond of truly have bants.

  9. That moment where a student finally gets it. You’d been hitting a brick wall with this lesson but suddenly that look of realisation dawns on their face and you know you’ve cracked something. You’ve earned that rushed lunchtime sandwich crammed down your throat in between playground duty and chess club.

  10. The thank yous mean a lot. The end of year gifts are great (wine, please) – but the cards and verbal gratitude from the young people who you have impacted are just perfect.

  11. The parents are pretty sound too. For every one that gives you a hard time and complains about the quantity of training days, there are ten that worship the ground you walk on for going the extra mile for their child.

  12. You get to meet colleagues with a passion for teaching equal to yours who will become friends for life – and the staple of your Friday night drinks.

  13. Getting to see students ‘make it’ after they leave is a sensational feeling. Knowing that you played a small part in someone achieving or even surpassing their dreams is the ultimate in job satisfaction.

  14. The challenge – and success – of getting the kid that hates you to like you. WIN.

  15. The sheer chaos of a classroom. Noise, mess, laughter, excitement and pandemonium. What isn’t there to love?

  16. Watching friendships blossom between children always warms your heart.

  17. Seeing excitement in children thrilled by a topic makes your day worthwhile. If you can blow a mind now and again, you will constantly be a source of interest. In fact, you are the life and soul of the party in the classroom.

  18. Seeing a class of faces hanging onto your every word makes your chest swell with pride. Granted, it isn’t always that way (especially when you’re trying to teach fractions) but when you do get that captive audience, you know it’s going to be a lesson you’ll fondly remember.

  19. When kids laugh at your jokes – especially the older kids. Making a teenager laugh with you and not at you is NOT EASY. So you live for the moments when you are the king or queen or banter.

  20. When your harsher methods pay off. You don’t like giving discipline and you don’t like chucking in extra homework or scrawling red all over coursework – but the kids will eventually understand why you were a bit of an ogre and they will thank you. Which makes it all pay off.

  21. Teaching becomes your life – it is not merely a job with nice ‘holidays’ – and you wouldn’t change it for the world.

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Rachel’s Answer

<span style="background-color: transparent;"> I am an English teacher, we work with other teachers of all different subjects. We have 5 teaching blocks or periods per day, 1 prep period, and 1 lunch period. Depending on the grade level the work environment shifts. But generally we are teaching different cohorts of students each period of the day, typically teaching the same lessons depending on grade and level, and or prepping and grading work. I love working as a teacher. </span>

It's helpful to take higher-level classes in Sociology, Psychology, and Human Development. Definitely take at least two or more 2000+ level courses in these subjects. You will learn about society and how it functions in a way that may be harmful to our student and how to combat social constructions and become more aware of them. This will make you a better teacher in the long run and having and understanding of sociology as a whole will make you a better person, help you understand your students and connect with them. Studying psychology and human development will help you learn about the way people learn (and therefore you will learn how to best teach your students). Depending on the phase of life adolescents and children are in, they learn differently, and their brain works differently as well. It is essential to have an understanding of this prior to becoming an educator. It will also help you to connect with students, parents, and families. Human Development and Family Studies will also allow you to become more culturally aware of students and families that come from different backgrounds; this will allow you to unlearn implicit biases and recognize them in yourself and others (and therefore, grow from them). Overall, these three fields of study are absolutely essential when pursuing teaching. Taking the time to take 2 or more classes in each of these subjects will help you become the best teacher you can possibly be. Other than these, the more obvious answer is take as many classes as possible in the subject-area you want to teach AND take education courses.

To be a good teacher, essentially, treat them like human beings. Your students are people too and communicating effectively with them, essentially means communicating with them. Be genuine, compassionate, caring, and show them you care about them as a person and beyond the classroom. Your students need to know that you have a genuine compassion for their feelings and that you care about what they have to say. This starts with building relationships with your students, allowing them to get to know you, and showing a genuine interest in getting to know them.

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sumeet’s Answer

Hi Teju,
Teaching is one of the noble jobs you will ever find
A teacher is someone who shapes the future of many people and he is the one who inspires others to reach their goals
In india teaching may be a low paid job but the respect that it commends is truly worth admiring

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Elaine’s Answer

I think teaching is the best profession to go into IF you have a passion for it. You are affecting the future population and hopefully in a positive way where they make the world a better place to live in. You also stay young as you agree in years because you must keep up with current things that often adults not dealing with children don't really appreciate and understand. I always said that I know of no place else I could work where I could have such an affect on children, learn from them myself, have them laugh with me, and enjoy with each of them their particular journey in life. Each group of children change what you do each year and how you teach them according to their needs. It is simulating because you must develop modes of teaching to reach each one and when they get it, wow the high for you is fantastic. It doesn't pay very high salaries and hopefully that will get better but it pays a living wage if you don't have a high lifestyle.....but the satisfaction you get from teaching if you have that passion is worth more than any money could buy.

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Sreevidya’s Answer

its very good. Nowadays you get good pay as well in this profession. even scope of growth is good.

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Soujanya’s Answer

Are you passionate to become a teacher, then go ahead without a second thought! It also revolves around the fact what to do want to teach and who do you want to teach, have your options ready. But remember, whatever you want to teach, you need to be good at it .

Patience is the key for a teaching professional . In terms of money, you would make good for a living!

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Stavan’s Answer

Yes, If you are passionated about the teaching job that is the best thing you can do for the generations to come. This profession is not as exciting in terms of earning money but the amount of satisfaction you will get will be enormous. Also education someone is called a noble job too. All boils down to how you are passionate about this job.

Stavan recommends the following next steps:

Look into which subject you are good at
Make sure that you have a creative way of educating students on this subject