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what do I need to become a kindergarten teacher

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John’s Answer

Jessica because becoming a kindergarten teacher requires a bachelor's degree, student teaching, and certification, it generally takes at least five years to become a kindergarten teacher. Bachelor's degrees are usually four years in duration, and student teaching and certification together can usually be completed in around a year or perhaps a little more. If you include time spent learning how to work with young children, the time it takes to become a kindergarten teacher may vary by state. In many ways, your personal experience working with young children will be more valuable in securing a position as a kindergarten teacher than your specific degree field.

KINDERGARTEN EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS – The minimum educational requirement to become a kindergarten teacher is a bachelor's degree in early childhood education. Many undergraduate early childhood education degree programs also prepare graduates to teach up to the third grade. Successful kindergarten teachers have strong communication and interpersonal skills and can motivate their students to learn. A bachelor's degree program in early childhood education combines core early childhood education classes with practical teaching experiences. The teaching component is typically completed in the final year, while early childhood education classes are taken during the entirety of enrollment. Some of the core courses include young children and cognitive experiences, family literacy, classroom management, integrated math and science and special needs young children.

CERTIFICATION/LICENSE – Jessica anyone who intends to teach kindergarten must be certified by the state in which you'll plan to work, but licensure requirements may differ by state. You can contact the Board of Education in California for information on the requirements for kindergarten teachers. Typically, they consist of graduating from a state-approved teacher preparation program, in addition to passing basic proficiency exams and assessments in instructional methods. Most teacher preparation programs feature one or two semesters of student teaching in classrooms. During the classroom internship, future kindergarten teachers are mentored by experienced educators in topics such as classroom management, effective lesson plans, student evaluation and parent-teacher communication. They are also evaluated on their classroom performance.

KINDERGARTEN TEACHING SKILLS – While the steps to become a kindergarten teacher primarily involve meeting teacher certification and education requirements, it's good for prospective kindergarten teachers to possess the following skills:
• Communication: Teachers should be able to clearly articulate lesson materials to students and effectively share student progress with parents and administrators.
• Resourcefulness: Kindergarten teachers should be able to come up with creative ways to keep their students engaged and make adjustments to lessons if their students are not absorbing information as planned.
• Patience: Children in kindergarten can have high energy and sometimes need a lot of help maintaining their focus, which is why it's good for kindergarten teachers to possess a lot of patience.

Hope this was helpful Jessica

John recommends the following next steps:

Some elementary education degree programs require applicants to have a certain amount of experience working with young children. Volunteering as a teacher's assistant at a local school or daycare facility can give you beneficial experience prior to enrolling in a postsecondary education program. Working with kindergarteners takes patience and the capacity to relate to youngsters who are likely to be facing their first classroom environment. Consider visiting a kindergarten classroom. Seeing a kindergarten classroom in action could help you decide whether you are truly suited for the job. Additionally, you might even have the opportunity to observe, talk to and learn from the experienced kindergarten teacher.

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Rebecca’s Answer

People have left some great answers already, but I also wanted to add that there is an additional option called Teach for America that I encourage you to research. After earning your college degree, individuals are placed in community schools of high need. It is a two year program where you are employed and get training and assistance to earn your certification. You also earn an education stipend to put towards further schooling or student loan debt. Thank you for taking your passion into education!

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Lyndsay’s Answer

Depending on where you live, certified preschool teachers can teach kindergarten. I highly recommend looking at community colleges in your area to see what they offer in regards to becoming a kindergarten teacher. Also, if you work at a private school, you don't need any certification at all.

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Dana’s Answer

I feel like the best thing you can do is look at what the requirements are for the state you plan on teaching in! You will need to get a bachelors degree and pass some teaching tests, such as the praxis. After you complete the schooling and pass the required tests you will need to have some time in a classroom as a student teacher. Being a student teacher is like a full time job! You will need to have about a semesters worth of time to spend in a classroom. When you are there you will get to observe in a classroom and learn to build lesson plans and run the classroom for a period of time! This is all great because it will give you ideas on how you will run your classroom!
Hope this helps!