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How much does a therapist make per pay check?

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4 answers

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Miko’s Answer

Hi Crystal! I have provided a quick link below from Indeed. It may be helpful for you to setup a profile so you can follow your career. I hope this helps.

Best of luck to you!
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Bridget’s Answer

The above is all correct and accurate, the one this I would add is that it also depends if you are private practice of associated with a public practice. I know a few therapists and most make a six figure income per year.
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Alexis’s Answer

The salary depends on the type of therapist that you want to become. There are 27 types of Therapists which are:
I. Addiction Therapist
II. Behavioral Therapist
III. Child Therapist
IV. Clinical Therapist
V. Cognitive Therapist
VI. Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
VII. Divorce Therapist
VIII. Eating Disorder Therapist
IX. Exercise Therapist
X. High School Therapist
XI. Marriage and Family Therapist
XII. Nutritional Therapist
XIII. School Therapist
XIV. Social Therapist
XV. Social Work Therapist
XVI. Trauma Work Therapist
XVII. Youth Therapist
XVIII. Recreational Therapist
XIX. Occupational Therapist
XX. Physical Therapist
XXI. Speech Therapist
XXII. Vision Therapist
XXIII. Autism Therapist
XXIV. Wilderness Therapist
XXV. Developmental Therapist
XXVI. Milieu Therapist
XXVII. Drama Therapist

I would advise you to check these Therapist Careers out to see what your career aspiration is, then check to see what the education and credentialing processes are needed to obtain licensure.
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Crystal’s Answer

It depends on the type of therapist and their credentialing. It also depends on who they work for and how often. Lots of variables. Please provide more information.