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Does anyone know any clinical lab science masters degree programs in MA or RI? Also called medical lab science, medical lab technology, etc.

It is so hard to find certain degree programs through google searches. All I see are ads and online programs, and I am definitely not looking for an online program. I want to ensure that I'm not missing any schools that offer a masters degree in this subject.
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3 answers

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Sanober’s Answer

Hi Abby!

I found two programs near you that are not online:

1) Master of Science - Clinical Laboratory Sciences from UMass Lowell:

2) Masters in Medical Laboratory Science from The University of Rhode Island :

Hope this helps :)

Thank you comment icon I cannot thank you enough! I had no idea URI offered this, and their Feinstein campus is a short commute away for me! Abby T.
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Kathryn’s Answer

Does this help?

I search for an "advanced" degree, searching the programs you mentioned, and came back with these schools:

Salve Regina University

University of Massachusetts-Lowell

University of Rhode Island
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Tina’s Answer

Go to these websites to see universities offering this degree.

Good Luck!

Tina K