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Service Hours

Asked Marietta, Georgia

High school student here and I realized that service hours are pretty important to get in to a good college. So I have been looking for ways to get service hours. But since I'm usually in a place where it's about an hour away from the nearest urban city, I figured I needed or at least, prefer to get, a virtual volunteer job. Does anything have any websites, or good jobs? I could really boost my resume diversity. #college #resume #volunteering #websites #volunteer-management

2 answers

Leah’s Answer

Updated Detroit, Michigan

Having service experience can be a great resume builder to gain experience and give back simultaneously. There are lots of opportunities available from sites like https://www.volunteermatch.org/search/virtual that allow you to hone in on causes you feel are particularly important. Focusing on those causes allows you to connect with like-minded people who become great network additions down the line.

Bobbie’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Service hours and giving back to the community are great opportunities to do things for others. Although it can be beneficial for your resume, be sure to chose something that is important to you. If you find something that is near and dear to you, you will find it more rewarding and possibly be more than a one-time service. If there are no typical opportunities in your area, you might consider creating an effort and leading it yourself. Planting trees or helping local animals in need, developing leadership skills by creating opportunities for others itself is rewarding. Good luck!