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[closed] What are some keyboard short cuts to know about in the world of business administration?


I am a senior in college and my major is administration. My major is in the field of management, and therefore I would love to learn about managing others and working with software programs. The goal is for me to obtain a career in office management or data entry. So far I have been learning to type fast and accurately to not only prepare myself for the upcoming school year, but to also prepare myself for a future career. I would love the opportunity to ask, "What are some keyboard short cuts to know so that words, sentences, and files can be completed faster? I own a Macbook Air laptop.

Thank you for your help,
Aimee #business-administration #office-management #administration #microsoft-office

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1 answer

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mathias’s Answer

Hi, learning keyboard shortcuts will save you small time a huge amount of times totalling to real time savings.
Most people use some, but would benefit from learning more. Hardly anyone knows all of them.

The list below is of use for Microsoft Office

Another thing to try out is creating macros and assigning them to your own keyboard shortcuts.
Use the VIEW tab, MACROS button, Record Macro.
Assign the macro to Keyboard, choose a sequence you want e.g. Alt G, look at the display below to see what (if any) it already maps to. If it is something you may want to use, change your mapping to something else. Then assign & ok.
Then record the macro by editing with normal means. Then finally go back to VIEW, Macros and choose End Recording.
They you are ok to use the new keyboard shortcut. For a first test I recommend marking a work or paragraph before starting the recording, then when recording set a new font, color etc. To use the macro later just mark some text and then press your shortcut and it gets that formatting.

Good luck and have fun!