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how to make more effectice resume

i want to make more effective resume for fresher jobs #professional-sports

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4 answers

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Lena’s Answer

As an add on to the above answer, I always like to make sure I start any bullet points under my job description with action words (ex. negotiated, managed, analyzed) not passive words. Also, if you are able to quantify any of your actions, budgets, # of people you managed, etc anywhere you are able to add a number do so in lieu of more vague words (ex. Large, a lot, many). Good luck job hunting!

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Kendall Paige’s Answer

Aloha, Abhijeet!

I echo Lena & Ryan's answers. They've shared great tips with you as well.

Your resume is an important part of your professional identity. I recommend using legitimate resources online - LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster are all great places to start. Even better - if you have access to a college or university career center, leverage professionals for guidance. Your resume should be customized to each job opportunity for which you apply. When you are confident that your resume is ready to share (you have already proofread, checked for grammar, corrected any spelling errors, etc.), share it with your professional network first. Whether this be professors, fellow co-workers, managers, ask for their feedback & recommendations on how you can make your resume even better. Some of the most helpful tools for my resume that I have gained over the years have been from leaders who I have respected and worked for. Lastly, your resume is never complete! Make it a habit to review your resume at least twice a year. Continue to edit and perfect it based on your enhanced knowledge, skills, and abilities as your work experience grows.

As one of my mentors once shared with me: "your resume isn't necessarily what gets you the job, but it's definitely what gets you the interview for the job!" Your resume is your professional first impression. Best of luck to you!

Kendall Paige recommends the following next steps:

Create a LinkedIn profile. Use LinkedIn not only to help build your resume, but display your resume once complete.
Share your resume with your professional network. Retrieve feedback from a variety of individuals. This will only make your resume better!
Your resume is never truly complete. Make a commitment to re-review twice a year and edit, keep it fresh!

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Simeon’s Answer

For your resumes, it's important to put yourself in the hiring manager's shoes and think of the kind of employees they're looking for. Your resume is your chance to show that your experience proves that you are that person. Look carefully at the job opening requirements and look for important verbs and key words. Make sure that your resume and the job listing sound like they're talking about the same person. Like what has been said earlier, tailor your resume to the specific job listing. Don't list experience that is not relevant to the job you're applying for.

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Ryan’s Answer

Hi Abhijeet,

With Resumes, I always have the same advice/wisdom. Your resume should be tailored to the job that you are specifically applying for. Also, hiring managers care about finding people who have the necessary skills. Understand the skills that they are looking for and put your skills right at the beginning to highlight them to the hiring manager.

Hope this helps!